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Our product applied in automobile power system, lighting facilities, hot-water heating system and electromechanical equipment. The products are mainly exported to USA, Europe and Middle East Based on the best quality and the most competitive quotation with our golden service. We are very sincerely to invite all our friends and clients come to visiting us and for mutual future. 
Our Vision: Establish lifetime customers 
Our Mission: Achieve lifetime manufacturer/customer relationships through our sole purpose of providing the best possible product and superior customer service.

Yuecheng Industrial 's work ethic: Fosters lasting, mutually beneficial relationships by: 
1. Viewing our ability to consistently provide superior customer service as a means to increasing our worth to our customers. 
2. Recognizing and demonstrating that every customer is our most important customer. 
3. Empowering a motivated, team-approached workforce where each employee is aware that maintaining industry-leading customer service is personally vital to success. 
By achieving these, we will be the company of choice in the markets we serve.

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the gototop of aluminum casting,stainless steel casting